Posted by: Bert and Tania | October 29, 2011

Mexico City, Distrito Federal, D.F., México

All these mean the same thing, the capital city of Mexico. We arrived in D.F., as the locals know it, on 26th September. Blimey, that was more than a month ago, sorry for late updates Megamoon fans.

Our week in D.F. was great and we have our friend, ‘DJette’ Maru to thank for showing us round and making it a fun week. Maru took us to a bar where we ate mini burgers (amazing, but not that Mexican) and drank Pierde Almas Mezcal. This means ´lost souls´ and unfortunately Tania found out why when she woke up the following morning having lost her soul. Bert loved it and bought a bottle.

We attended the compulsory masked wrestling, or ´Lucha Libre´ which was quite similar to what we saw in Guadalajara but MASSIVE, in a huge stadium in D.F.’s equivalent to Croydon. As entertaining as the fighters´ ridiculous acrobatics were the middle aged couple sitting next to us who were clearly veteran and perhaps famous hecklers, standing up and shouting various hilarious things as if they had been paid to.

Also on our itinerary were visits to the former homes of monobrow-endowed Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and Soviet Marxist founder of the Red Army, Leon Trotsky. The latter had bullet holes in the wall, signs of the attacks (ordered by Stalin) which killed him, although it was actually an ice axe wound to the head from which he died.

On 30th September we took a bus to the ancient site of Teotihuacán, built in 100BC, which includes the third largest pyramid in the world, the pyramid of the Sun, which we climbed to the top of. Teotihuacán was at one point the largest city in the Pre-Columbian Americas and is kind of impressive.

Finding accommodation in DF was tricky and we stayed for half our stay in a 1980´s smokey business hotel. Very odd. Maru explained to us the concept of “Mexico ´86” which is a significant part of culture in Mexico City that has clearly remained unchanged since 1986. We went fabric shopping in the historic centre around the Zocalo (main square) in an area which certainly fitted into this category.

We left DF on a bus and arrived 27 hours later in the disaster that is Cancun, the only reason being to get a flight to Ecuador. This extended journey brought an end to our time in Mexico. We reflected on all the amazing places we’ve been and food we’ve eaten and people we’ve met. We loved it.

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