Posted by: Bert and Tania | September 1, 2011

Mexico so far…

Mexico is keeping us from keeping this blog updated. Its fun and lively, there’s lots to do and places to go… so it’s now more than time for a catch up of where we’re at and where we’ve been. Plus its raining, so an internet cafe is as good a place to be as any.

So we landed in Guadalajara back on 1st August, where we met up with Rosie and George in a nice hostel that was prepared to put us up for a week… Whilst in Guadalajara we;
– visited the theatre and watched a folk dancing show (sounds naff but it was brill, lots of swooshy, colourful skirts and moustached guitarists)
– watched a footy game at the stadium. Chivas vs Pumas (it was a draw)
– met Gwyn’s lovely friends Mario and Ange who took us to see lucha libre in a bar (comedy wrestling, the star of which was a 70+ year old Gary Glitter look alike wrestler wearing neon yellow lycra).
We liked Guadalajara and generally wandered around it alot. Oh and we also ate alot… like; tortas ahogadas (pork sandwiches made with salty sour-dough-like bread local to Guadalajara all ‘drowned’ in a spicy tomato sauce), birria (goat stew), mole (which is not short for guacamole and to be honest we’re not sure what we make of it), chiles en nogada (stuffed peppers with a white sauce and pomegranite seeds). Mmm.

From Guadalajara we headed West to Sayulita on the Pacific coast where we also stayed for a week. Sayulita is a chilled beach town where we chilled by the beach (unsurprisingly). We also surfed… admittedly the waves weren’t huge (well not on the bit of beach where we had our lesson anyways) and we did have a nice mexican man shoving our surfboard so it could get enough momentum to let us actually stand up… but that’s what we did. We stood up. Alot. Which makes us surfers. We were surf kings for that hour. Alas when the nice Mexican board-shoving man went to play in the big waves, leaving us to practice, we were demoted to more like surf serfs (see what I did there!?). We also took a boat trip, which was “muuuuuuy bueno” (as the microphone wielding dude onboard said, alot). Dolphins and sea turtles swam right past us, we snorkelled through a cave… all great fun. The only downside to our stay in Sayulita is that we never managed to track down the ‘camaron’ man… who drove round the town offering 2kg of prawns for 100pesos (a fiver).

Then we sort of went back towards Guadalajara but kept going ’til we arrived at Guanajuato, a pretty town with colourful houses, narrow streets and lots to see. We went to a few museums there, we were well cultural. Perhaps the pictures tell the story better (see below).

Then we jumped on (another) bus to Zacatecas which is another beautiful little town with slightly-less-colourful-but-no-less-pretty houses and narrow streets. Here we visited the mine which made this one of the world’s leading silver (amongst other things) mines in the world in its day… there’s a bar in the mine too so you can have a nice cocktail after wandering around all the tunnels. We also stumbled upon a ‘callejoneada’ party which started as family birthday and graduation party in a plaza but ended up with upwards of 100 people all following a donkey with a barrel of tequila strapped to its back as it wanders around the town accompanied by a band playing music for everyone to dance to. It was ACE.

From Zacatecas we went to Xilitla… a tiny mountain village/town in the mountains on the central Gulf Coast. It’s near here that an eccentric English Aristocrat (Edward James) spent 5 million quid building ‘Las Pozas'(The Pools) which consists of lots of surreal structures built in the middle of the jungle. Unfortunately it was a bit overcast during our stay here thanks to tropical storm Harvey passing through the general area overnight but hey ho.

After exploring weird jungle structures we got on a collection (sigh) of buses to get to Catemaco which is South and on the edge of a Nature Reserve and a lake. We took a guided walk in the aforementioned reserve, which was hot and humid so we liked the fact it finished with a swim in a waterfall pool. Here we also sampled ‘Tegogolos’… Tania’s new favorite word and also a tasty snack. A Tegogolo is a snail. And they taste delicious when covered in lime, tomato, onion and coriander. We also got ourselves covered in local mud before partaking in a Mesoamerican ‘Temezcal’ (sort of sauna) as part of a rustic spa experience. A strange but pleasurable experience, even if it did exfoliate our tans off.

After a few days we headed ever futher southwards on ever more buses to get to Bacalar and its lagoon… beside which we spent our second wedding anniversary. Which was lovely (both the lagoon and the anniversary). And now…

Now we are in Tulum on the Yucatan Peninsular. Reunited with Rosie and George (who we’d left in Sayulita). Visiting Mayan ruins and snorkelling in ‘Cenotes’ which are underground caves formed due to the limestone being eroded by water. They are stunning.

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