Posted by: Bert and Tania | August 11, 2011

How to Make Tequila & How to Drink Tequila

We are now in Mexico where we recently had a 2-day lesson on how to make and how to drink Tequila.

Thanks to Gwyn for recommending La Fuente, a bar in Guadalajara where we met Antonio. Antonio taught us to drink Tequila. As soon as we sat down he downed the two double shots in front of him and we got the impression it wasn’t the first time he’d done it.

The tequila we get in the UK is 50% blue agave plant. The other 50% is what makes my head twist to the side and gives that slight feeling of nausea. It is intended for making margharitas, not for sipping (or downing). We were drinking 100% blue agave tequila which I could drink without any head twisting or nausea. In fact after a couple of double shots I realised I didn’t even need the lime dipped in salt which is normally need to neutralize the taste. In fact, I liked it.

Antonio had 400 cocks which he bound sharp knives to (their legs) and fought. He showed us a video on his phone of one of his birds killing another in about two seconds. He once won a Hummer. He once won 100,000 US Dollars thinking he’d bet 100,000 Mexican pesos. He had his bodyguard with him and said his mate had killed five people and could look after us if we went to Mazatlan… an area on the coast further North that we’re steering clear of because it’s a bit dangerous to get there at present. Apparently.

Then he ordered a litre bottle of Tequila. Half way through the bottle… having ‘slammed’ a bubbling double shot of tequila with SevenUp, Tania went home with Rosie. Sensible! George and I stayed on… and once the bottle was finished Antonio offered us (George and Bert) a lift home. We politely declined.

The following day we went to the Jose Cuervo factory in the town called Tequila. To make Tequila you chop the leaves off an agave plant, bake the bulb bit, distil it to make fire water, distil it again to stop it being cloudy and age in it oak barrels to give it flavour. I’m afraid I had to decline the tastings that were included in our tour but we were safe in the knowledge that we had drunken Tequila in the true Mexican way.


  1. I have drunken hiccups just reading this

  2. Happy to be of service 😉 Who told you they were agave bulbs? I calls em pineapples (piñas).

    Got your email ta, hope your travels continue to be fun. Sayulita’s a lovely little place innit.

    Also, saw your mum and dad back home- they made me a lovely cup of tea and seemed v. well. Hope their internet’s sorted out again. Salu2 to the pair of yas.

  3. Yes, thanks, Gwyn. Yes, piñas, they is. But the mezcal was definitely 86% by volume. I bought a bottle (of a different one) called ‘Pierde almas’. Maybe they’ll be some left when we next meet.

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