Posted by: Bert and Tania | August 10, 2011

Australia Again

Well, we’re back Megamooning once again – three months backpacking before we return to Buenos Aires at the end of October.

On 20th July we flew to Perth in Oz for Tim and Chloe’s wedding in Fremantle. It was stylish, fun and drunken and generally AWESOME. It was also a rare occasion to have what is now an international bunch of lovely people together in one place… the last time such a feat occurred it was also for a wedding… almost 2 years ago in a field at Wedfest.

CONGRATS once again Tim and Chloe… thanks for bringing us all together and making the trip WELL worth it. Good times.

After spending a few days in Perth (and when we say spend… we mean both time and money… Australia is expensive!), we headed North to Broome on the coast and went for a day’s deep sea fishing. We saw whales, dolphins, sea snakes and Tiger sharks and caught (between us) Carp, Spanish mackerel, Cobia, Red Emperor and Blue Line Emperor (Bert). The fish were incredible. Bert and Ed both caught the largest fish in the morning but was overtaken by a mile when people started catching 12kg fish. We ate the lot over two days – we BBQ-ed it, breadcrumbed it, made Thai curry with it… mmmm. The first day in Broome we weren’t allowed in the sea because of a 4 to 5m long sea water crocodile which was hanging around in the swimming beach. Luckily it was chased off.

Then we hired 4x4s and drove up a red dirt track 2hrs to the Cape Leveque peninsula (we only got one puncture) to chill in an even more deserted spot where they generated their own electricity and got all their water from a bore hole. The beaches and crystal clear seas and red rocks were astoundingly beautiful and it was all very relaxing. Bert conquered his childhood fear of deep water and swam out with everyone else to sea to snorkle around coral reefs. There were a few fish but none large enough for James and Ed to spear with their ‘Gidgy’ spears they had bought.

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