Posted by: Bert and Tania | June 23, 2011

Cargo Ship (Repubblica Del Brasile) Video Diary and Pictures

It’s actually 6 weeks since we arrived in the UK after travelling from Buenos Aires on the 52,000 ton vehicle-carrying Italian cargo ship, the ‘Repubblica del Brasile’.

We made a 23 minute video diary so you lot could see what it was like. It was slow. So slow that most of the video diary needed to be speeded up.

Our time was spent:
– Playing table football, chess and table tennis with the Italian crew
– Practising our Spanish
– Reading thick books
– Eating four-course Italian meals (twice a day)
– Making stuff with our sewing machine
– Videoing things and taking pictures, lots of pictures
– Battling with the wind on deck
– Visiting ports in Brazil, Senegal, Germany and Belgium (but not England!)

It was actually a fascinating view of how stuff is carted around all over the world. It was also a rare opportunity to be disconnected from phones, internet and email for a month.

Click here to watch our (potentially) award-winning video diary. If you don’t have 23 minutes, here are some photos:

Click for huge Rio De Janeiro panorama:
rio panorama

You can visit Tania’s flickr page for more pictures.


  1. maybe georges job is safe

  2. photos are fantastic 10 out of 10

    didnt want a score for the video did you?
    really interesting tho, seriously, interesting

  3. thanks for recording all this

  4. Bert and Tania, that was all kinds of special. Inspiring stuff. Still grinning at the pair of you’s Hearts on fire… dance number. Thanks for making that.

  5. Thanks, Gwyn, it was fun at the time too! Ali – I think you must have clicked the wrong link and navigated to a random inferior video.

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