Posted by: Bert and Tania | April 7, 2011

Container Ship

So, right, our ‘confirmed’ departure date is Saturday 9th April… or maybe the 10th. It would seem that cargo ships aren’t as predictable as you’d think. For those of you who don’t know, this departure date marks the start of our voyage from Buenos Aires to Tilbury on a 52,000 tonne container ship. With only 5 other passengers (non of whom are British), a Liberian crew working the Italian flagged vessel and no internet or phone it’ll certainly be ‘an experience’. A 29 (or maybe 30) day experience. We’ll let you know whether it’s a good one or not.

Bit apprehensive. I hope our bunk beds are nice (we kid you not).

These images of this delightful vessel have been stolen from the internet – we wanted to know what it was like before getting on it. You can’t see it from these images but we’re fairly sure that the swimming pool and restaurant deck is there somewhere, hmm…


  1. looks like a nice cruise…. good luck!

  2. Thanks Caroline!

  3. Ooooh, nice transport – very colourful.
    Hope you’ve got lots of books with you…(and some sun cream).
    Bon voyage!

    • Yes we were just saying there was no way we were going to get through all the books we’ve got, thanks Jo! Hope to see you soon….

      • Bert, old bean, will you be having your birthday afloat? If so, many happy returns (in advance). Enjoy!!!!!!

      • Indeed I will, The Library Lady, thank you. Perhaps I will read a book…

  4. ¡Happy Cumple Viajero!

    • Hey, muchas gracias, Charm!

  5. I made the same trip from Zarate the 13 february until the 10 of march in Hamburg. My cabine was 839, waiter was a very nice italian, Pio?
    Kind regards Hans

    • Hi Hans – Yes, we had Pio too, what a lovely man! (and a great experience, I thought).

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