Posted by: Bert and Tania | January 27, 2011

El Chaltén Panoramas

The views we had on our trek were so amazing, I wanted to share them with the world and quicktime panoramas are the best way I’ve found of doing this. These are high-resolution and so might take a while to load, but this means you can zoom in a long way with the SHIFT and CTRL keys. You can move around with the mouse.

EDIT: You need quicktime to view these files. Please make a comment or email me if you’re having difficulty..

Lago and Glaciar Torre

Perito Moreno Glacier

Shore of Laguna Madre

Lago de los Tres

Lago Sucio


  1. Those are a bit special, Bert. Good on ya. Stock photography sites are always crying out for shots of glaciers to illustrate climate change articles. You could make a peso or three….

  2. Gwyn, that is very kind but I’m not sure they’re quite up to that standard – I don’t think they’d like the black / white bits filling in the gaps and the weather wasn’t that good on the glacier pics. I reckon they communicate what it’s like to be there better than normal photos though.

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