Posted by: Bert and Tania | January 26, 2011

Trekking in El Chaltén

As promised, here’s some more info about Tom and Bert’s trek in El Chaltén which was hurriedly arranged as an alternative to the planned Torres Del Paine trek (see why).

In the end, it was amazing. When we arrived in El Chaltén, there was no hostel space but three campsites in the town. It rained a lot but we camped OK and set off the following morning. I (Bert) wished I’d done a bit more exercise as within an hour of setting off it felt like I was still carrying all my Christmas dinner around.

From our base, we did a reasonably leisurely three day trek – being rewarded at the end of each day with spectacular views of:
1) Lago Torre with Glacier Torre’s snout at its far side
2) Lago de los Tres with Mount Fitzroy behind (one of the 5 hardest mountains in the world to climb) and the Lago Sucio (meaning ‘dirty’ but it wasn’t) with vertical cliffs up from lake with glacier at top.
3) Glacier de Los Piedras Blancas after climbing over a massive boulder field

Tom left his (mum’s) hiking pole at our sandwich stop-off one day and had to go back for it. On the way, he happened across a male and a female woodpecker. He says they were doing a mating dance but George said they were eating. Click here to see Tom’s video and judge for yourself.

Amazing amazing amazing. Before this trip I’d never seen a glacier. The Perito Moreno glacier, which was a half-day trip out from El Calafate, was possibly the most literally awesome thing I’ve seen in my entire life. A piece the size of a house fell of its 65m high ‘snout’ as we watched.

Panoramas to come!


  1. […] views we had on our trek were so amazing, I wanted to share them with the world and quicktime panoramas are the best way […]

  2. What a surprise, I cant open it, can only do “tango” not “quicktime”

    Looks like the moon, no no no more ideas of where to go next, I didnt say that, I didnt

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