Posted by: Bert and Tania | January 19, 2011

New Year’s Eve in Uruguay

Happy New Year to you lot and your kins…

Tom arrived from the UK to visit on 30th December, the day after Inga and Alison left us. That same day we got a ferry to Uruguay and then on, via bus, to the up-market beach resort Punta del Este to celebrate the New Year. Punta del Este is full of very expensive and interesting cars, houses, hotels and people.

Highlights included:
– (Inflatable) whale surfing on the beach
– Amazing BBQ at George and James’s house
– Incredible fireworks displays across entire waterfront of Punta del Este at midnight
– BBQ on arrival at San Rafael campsite on first night provided by George, Rosie and Tania
– Conga dancing on a dual carriageway while the lights were red and the traffic had stopped
– Cars speeding over wobbly bridge


The photos below were taken by who-knows-who so thanks to George, Rosie and Tom for any that you took!

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