Posted by: Bert and Tania | December 30, 2010


Happy New Year everyone and we hope your Christmas was as fun as ours.

On 7th December Tania’s mum Inga and Bert’s auntie Alison arrived and headed straight off for an adventure in the South of the country. They made friends, rode horses, saw glaciers and then on 15th Dec they came back to Buenos Aires to spend Christmas with us.

Highlights included:
– Having Rosie, George and Viviana round to help eat Tania’s Christmas ‘Pavita’ (small turkey) and the Beagley rum custard Vs. Brown brandy sauce competition
– Home made decorations and yogurt pot bell making competition
– Bert’s first ‘asado’ (Argentinian BBQ) on our terrace on boxing day with massive steaks and ‘chori pan’ (bbq sausage in bread).
– Four hour car tour of Buenos Aires with our friend Mercedes including Plaza de Mayo, Catedral Metropolitano, La Boca etc.
– Tango show and massive steaks at ‘La Ventana’ in San Telmo
– Massive steaks at La Cabrera
– Trip to Museo de Bellas Artes in Recoleta
– Eating experimental food and meeting odd Americans at ‘closed doors’ restaurant Casa Saltshaker run by New York chef Dan Perlman and Henry Tapia.
– Eating llama stew in a bun and watching the most amazing classical tango guitarist ever at La Paila in Palermo
– Chilling in our lovely new apartment and using Ian the ice maker in the fridge door to cool us down (it went up to 37 degrees C on Christmas day)
– Inga and Alison’s trance party on Christmas night (click here for video!)

Alison and Inga have just left us and tomorrow Tom arrives and we’re off to Punta del Este in Uruguay for New Year’s Eve. Marvellous, although the thought of camping in extreme heat is scaring us considerably. Sure it’ll be fine…

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