Posted by: Bert and Tania | December 11, 2010

The Mother Land

We have just got back to Buenos Aires after what we refer to as our ‘Intermoon’… a 6 week visit to the UK. We swapped Palermo’s cobbled streets lined with trees just coming into bloom and the late spring days of Buenos Aires for a late October arrival into Heathrow. Er… Actually we didn’t live to regret it (much) as someone somewhere had ordered us some beautiful Autumn weather, glorious!

We packed a lot into our time and very much enjoyed:

  • Staying in Woking, our old flat, Hammersmith, Wiltshire, Swanage, Bere Regis, Taunton, and Hackford Road again
  • Meeting new little people who had arrived since we were last in the UK; Curran, Oscar, Harry, Daniel and Arthur to name but a few
  • Celebrating Jane and Davids’ (Bert’s folks) Ruby Wedding Anniversary
  • Hanging out at the recording of Dadso’s debut album (music video to be released soon!)
  • Attending the BCWWWW (Brew Crew (With Wives) Winter Wonderland)
  • Eating bacon, proper tea, baked beans, minstrels, good cheese and many more British goodies, mmm.
  • Building the Tower Bridge out of lego (click here to watch it on youtube)
  • Baking focaccia bread, chocolate bread and butter pudding and lemon drizzle cake for Sian’s birthday
  • Screamadelica-ing
  • Celebrating both Dadso and Emma’s birthdays and therein learning that grape scissors DO exist
  • Massive thanks to everyone for hospitality, your time, support and general marvellousness.

    Here is a selection of photos of fun November times:

    As ever, there are some people that we didn’t get to see and things that we didn’t manage to do… but next time, next time. We are already looking forward to seeing you all again in April/May/June/July time next year, a mere 5 months away…


    1. Lovely to have you back in our collective busoms, albeit for such a brief time.

      Until next year. Hasta la vista.

      • Lovely to be in your collective bosoms, Mark. Hasta Mayo.

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