Posted by: Bert and Tania | October 4, 2010

Polo Day

On Saturday we were invited by our friend Rosie (thanks, Rosie!) to a ‘Polo Day’ (see their website) at El Retiro Polo Club in Zelaya, Pilar – about 50km from Buenos Aires. We were driven from BA by Marco Llambias who owned the club in his car – as his van had been robbed the day before and the robbers had broken it trying to hotwire it. Marco explained how he’d given up 30 years of operating on babies less than 48hours old to become a Polo player. His two sons are ranked as highly as the best british polo player.

We were given Choripan (BBQ sausage in bread) with ChimiChuri (spicy herby sauce) which wasn’t quite the full BBQ we thought we might be getting but was still good. This was down to some lack of communication somewhere in the chain – we’d gone for the cheaper option. The players played a practice match so we could see how it was done, thundering to one end and then the other of the enormous polo pitch in the beautiful club. Afterwards, we played a game of polo. I’d previously thought that you needed to have some sort of training in order to play Polo – or perhaps to have ridden a horse before – but apparently not. At one point Marco shouted ‘everyone canter’. I (Bert) was well up for cantering but didn’t know how to ‘canter’ so Marco kicked my horses bum and he certainly cantered. I almost fell off and Marco said maybe don’t canter again. So I continued playing polo with a top speed of 2mph. Tania also had a go but her horse only turned left and seemed to want to go back to the paddock rather than win the ‘game’. The highlight was perhaps that I did score two goals – it was just a shame they weren’t during the game.



  1. If they invite you to take part in a bull-fight – say no

    • I reckon I’d be good at that. Do you need training?

  2. Can you play Polo?

    I feeded to Kangaloo in Tasmania with Tomoko!
    bit scared.

    • I can only play Polo at 2 miles per hour. I’m not sure I could feed a Kangaloo, though! Rob x

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