Posted by: Bert and Tania | September 2, 2010

World Cup Final (of Tango)

Last night we went to the Final of the World Tango competition in ‘Luna Park’ in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires. It was absolutely amazing. There were two finals and we chose the ‘Stage Tango’ one which is choreographed instead of improvised and has lots of flying around, being upside down and one dance that bordered on breakdancing.

Tania queued up for FIVE hours to get us our free tickets and it was almost inspiring enough to make Bert want to go to another Tango lesson. Almost.

You can also see a few more pics here on Tania’s Flickr page.



  1. Amazing pictures! To have such nice shots in the middle of a spectacular dance! Wawh!!

  2. she doesn’t even have her feet on the ground! mostly…

    • I’d just like to say, Sandy, that the woman who is completely upside down (middle column, 2nd from bottom) is Tango superstar Maria Nieves. She is 72 years old. I’m serious.

  3. That aint nothing. You wait til you see the world reggae legs dancing competition!

  4. I can’t wait, Mark. Harry vs. Mark is it? You now have some competition.

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