Posted by: Bert and Tania | June 26, 2010

San Marcos

Some pictures from when Noé and his lovely parents kindly invited us to San Marcos (North West of Buenos Aires by extremely comfortable coach) for the weekend.



  1. Wow, what a mega moon.

  2. ah yes, i was to make a fantastic joke about that and I forgot. Honest. Thanks, Mark.

  3. wow – looks amazing!! Nice dog too…

  4. Hola! whawwwwh, what an amazing picture of the moon. I have always been attracted by her beauty and I’m following now astrology lessons, so I’m know now a bit more about the Moon, Neptune, Pluto, Venus, … I bet that your Venus (love, beauty, but also art) is very present as your pictures are real pieces of art!

    • Actually Venus was also very bright in the sky when Bert took that photo! Wow, astrology and Tango… a good mix of skills! Hope all is very well with you and dont forget to come visit!

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