Posted by: Bert and Tania | April 19, 2010

Recoleta Cemetary

Yesterday we spent the afternoon hanging out with dead Argentinian people. It seemed like they were quite well-to-do dead Argentinian people as their tombs are incredible. Recoleta Cemetary is often compared to the city in which it stands with streets, street signs and lamp posts. Some of the tombs are two stories high with a ‘basement’ for additional storage and are architectural wonders. Each one is unique and obviously required a lot of design. Tania came here when she visited BA before, it’s an amazing cemetary. Eva Perón (Evita) has a tomb but we’re not sure if her body is actually there.


  1. Fantastic – seeing the photos of Recoleta brought back some amazing memories of a haunting place.

    Hope you’re both enjoying yourself in BA, but if Steve doesn’t get elected by only a couple of votes we’ll know who’s to blame!

    Taking a break from the DIY and off to the apples for a bit on Weds, speak soon.


    • Well that’s up to you Mark seeing as how you’re our poxy, um I mean proxy voter!!! Hall for PM I say. Enjoy the apples. T

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