Posted by: Bert and Tania | April 4, 2010

6 Course Easter Breakfast

HAPPY EASTER everyone!

Thanks to Daniel for recommending a 6 course Easter Sunday breakfast in Palermo Viejo. Amazing. We had 3 desserts (but they only counted as one of the courses). £15 not bad really.

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  1. Yum Yum! That looks like an awesome Easter breakfast. Punk and I spent the Easter weekend in London and we paid that alone in ‘cover charges’! Had a wicked time away though. Hope your enjoying your new life as a BA local! Take care. Lots of love xx

  2. That food looks amazing! I´m Lloyd S old school mate…designer from CSM…remember? I´m in São Paulo. Loving it. Check my blog
    I might be flying out of BA in couple of weeks.

    • Hey Nick, course I remember! Give us a shout if you’re in BA long enough for a Quilmes beer. Sao Paulo sounds exciting, will check out your blog…

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