Posted by: Bert and Tania | March 27, 2010

I’ve been Tango’d

This week was our last week of Spanish classes. Our teacher Cecilia has been fantastic and is super-linda (that means really lovely I think). Cecilia and Tania ganged together, though, and made me promise with my hand on my heart that I would go to a Tango class and evidence it with a photo.

Here’s a photo of me promising and a photo of us earlier today just after the class with our new Tango teacher, Paulo. We didn’t quite get a photo of us in action (we were too fast to photograph). I did it. It was OK. Not sure I’m going to be a Tango Star and I’ll have to negotiate with Tania whether I go again!

You can see genuine Tango induced sweat in the photo of the three of us.

Special note to Cecilia:
El titulo de este articulo es una referencia a un publicidad de los años noventas por una bebida que se llama ‘Tango’ y que probablemente vos no conoces – mira aqui:

¡Gracias por sus clases super-excelentes y espero que no hay demasiados errores en este texto!



  1. You’re an inspiration to us all. In that from now on I’m never promising to do anything with my hand on my heart.

    • in that respect I am an inspiration to myself also. No more promising to go to Tango classes during Spanish lessons for me

  2. There are no mistakes! And you were great students, too. I’ll really miss you next week. Thanks for that “super linda” -maybe is too much-
    Y Rrrrrrrrroberrrrrrrrrrto: tenés que continuar con las clases de tango… ¡Aprendé mucho y en unos meses nos vamos todos de milonga! La primera vez es la más dificil, no te preocupes. 🙂

    • ¡Hola Cecilia, gracias por tu visita! Proxima, quisiera ir a un milonga para le ver solamente (yo no he visto nunca un milonga). Y despues, tal vez volvería a clases. No se… ¡Vamos a ver! Hasta pronto… RRRRRRRoberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrto

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