Posted by: Bert and Tania | March 21, 2010

Barrio Barracus (not a member of the A-Team)

We visited the ‘barrio’ of Barracus the other day with a tour guide from the Academia of Buenos Aires where we were learning Spanish. She chatted rapidly in Spanish and we understood some of what she was saying but perhaps not everything. Many tanneries and abatoirs were built in the 1800’s which were supplied by the Ferrocarril railway that the British built and that runs through the Barrio. In the 19th Century wealthy Europeans lived there then in 1871 there was an outbreak of Yellow Fever and all the wealthy people went to live in the North to escape. Now the North of Buenos Aires is the posh bit (where we live – sorry, Londoners) and Barracus remains a working class barrio. The factories now generally stand empty and many big houses have been knocked down to make room for a big overpass. Local artist Marino Santa María painted many of the houses in the 90’s. I have to admit I’ve filled in the gaps from Wikipedia! Hope you like the pics.

A quick extra note to say that we are now starting to put up all our other Megamoon photos on flickr, so if you fancy a peek then connect to us on flickr (search for Tania Beagley-Brown)and away you go (make sure you’re on a comfy seat, cos there are quite a few). Bert will have some up soon too, his flickr username is Bert_Brown.



  1. Hola Tania y Bert,
    pictures are great! Super, it feels like I’m also back in Argentina, did you start already some tango lessons?

    • Hola Caroline, como estas? Actually I did go to a tango class last week and to my surprise I loved it! Am trying to convince Bert to come along to one this week, wish me luck!!!

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