Posted by: Bert and Tania | February 21, 2010

BA or bust…

We’re not actually sure what day we arrived in Argentina. We definitely left Sydney on Wednesday 17th but neither Bert, myself, the iPhone or laptop could get the arrival day (or time) right. Something to do with us flying over the International Dateline we suspect. However, we arrived on Argentinian soil around about the same time as the British oilrig arrived in Argentinian waters (thanks Gordon).

We’re staying in a hostel in Palermo Viejo (the same one I stayed in 2 years ago). I was a bit anxious on the taxi ride into the city rom the airport, wondering if Bert would like the city… looks good so far. And who could fail to love it, its just as inspiring and beautiful and atmospheric and wonderful as I remembered it. Phew. We have a week here at Palermo House hostel, dodging more bedbugs and waging war on nocturnal mosquitos but most importantly trying to find an apartment to move into… EXCITING. In fact I’m too excited to continue so have to hand you over to Bertrum…

Well hello. I like Buenos Aires. Well, I like Palermo Viejo so far and that’s a good sign. It was a strange feeling when we arrived – I kept alternating between being excited about all the stuff we can do while we’re here, all the places we’ll see and people we’ll meet and being nervous about having to build a new life from scratch in a country where I don’t speak the language particularly well. Last night we went out with some people we’d met in the hostel and we managed to talk to an Italian magazine publisher for about an hour in Spanish which was confidence building. Palermo is very quirky and cool and creative – I can see why T liked it so much and I feel excited about the potential of living here. Now we need to work out…
– How to find work
– Whether to go and see Patagonia
– Where to live
– Where to do a Spanish course
– Where to do Thai Boxing
Once we’ve done that, we should be sorted. Haven’t taken any pictures yet. Jet lag is mega. Last night we were wide awake until 6am then woke up again at 8am bright eyed and busy tailed. Then at mid day, after breakfast, we lay down for a little nap and woke again at 6pm. Now it’s 11pm but feels like morning. Argentinians don’t think about going out until 11pm anyway, so that’s in our favour but we’re well confused about what time it is. Even my posh new e-Ink watch can’t seem to help.

Last night Tania took me to La Cabrera which is a steak restaurant near our hostel. It was incredible, certainly one of the best meals of my life. All the stories are true, Argentinian steaks are absolutely enormous and taste amazing. We ordered one main course (rib eye steak) and no side dishes and we couldn’t have eaten anything else (well, apart from the starter and dessert that we shared). The waiter cut the steak into five pieces, each as big as a steak you would get in the UK and it came with about 15 little tapas dishes which all tasted amazing. Ahhhhh. Think we’ll be going back there. Might have the kobe beef next time which is about £18 but considering it’s Kobe beef and so large you can share, that’s not bad. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I like this place. Bert

Here are some photos taken around Palermo Viejo, the area of Buenos Aires that we’re looking for an apartment in.



  1. flippin norah, i was leaving a comment and then i gets a blue screen of death. increasingly common since gwyn got me to install a romanian scrabble program. I’ll have another go anyway.

    Pleased to hear you don’t need to cut your own food up any more. Hope you’re having the steaks extra rare (blue?) with all blood everywhere and that going all over the chips.

    So you’ve got an apartamentiento I believe? Sounds lovely.

    You do know that a bed bug bites you for every evil thought you have. Just thought I should mention it.


    • Stu! you made it onto the blog, well done and you even managed a lovely comment for us. Thanks, we appreciate it. I’m trying to get 10,000 hits. Sorry about the BSOD, hope it wasn’t our fault. Fingers crossed but I think we’re over the worst of the bed bugs now. Bert

  2. In BA at last! Am so jealous of you guys! …and I want steak for tea!!!!!

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