Posted by: Bert and Tania | February 20, 2010

Melbs (now with added Prawn picture)

Saturday 13th: An 11 hour night train took us (slowly) South from Sydney to Melbourne. Arriving early on Valentines Day (Sunday) morning under a blue sky and no sign of anyone swimming down the streets (as we’d seen on the news just a couple of days earlier), phew!

We headed to Elwood to find Tim’s sister (who looks just like him, only much prettier) who was lovely enough to show us where Tim’s flat was and let us in. We then proceeded to wash everything; clothing, rucksacks, ourselves… so we were squeaky clean by the time Tim arrived home. YEY!!!

Our 2 days in Melbourne (which thanks to Renae’s coaching we could pronounce like a local rather than English idiots) flew by and consisted mainly of:
– Calling (and usually then cursing) FedEx trying to free our poor laptops from Aussie customs and quarantine.
– Skype calling James at various hours of his day.
– Drinking the Scorpion wine we kindly brought Tim from Laos… the reason I got a caution notice at Australian customs when we arrived, oops.
– Exploring Melbourne city and shopping ’til we were dropping.
– Wandering around St Kilda and the beach.
– Eating flathead fish and enormous prawns at Claypots restaurant, mmm.
– Getting Bert (another) haircut at ‘Dr Follicles’.
– Putting another snag, lamb cutlet and kebab on the barbie (the local shop were all out of prawns unfortunately) which Tim cooked up in a small hurricane on his balcony.
– Meeting Chloe… the reason why Tim’s a lucky lad!
It was absolutely fantastic to see Timothy Peter in his natural habitat and a huge thank you to him and Chloe for letting us stay at their flat.



  1. Glad you’re enjoying Melbourne (however you pronounce it) and that you found Claypots – yum. Hope the redneck rawk music and sporting prowess isn’t getting you down too much, and that your sentences aren’t yet going up at the end.

    Love from all Hackfordians,

    • Hi Mark, I am pleased to be able to report that neither of these two afflictions became an issue for us in Australia. Great to hear from you. We’re actually in Buenos Aires now but haven’t officially blogged about it yet. Will do shortly. It’s ace.

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