Posted by: Bert and Tania | February 16, 2010


On something like the 9th Jan we headed back to Bangkok. The Thai capital was loud, busy and very shiny compared to Laos and it was a bit weird coming back to the same street we’d stayed in five weeks ago (but not, unfortunately, the Lebua hotel!). Our guesthouse was OK – better than the one we stayed in the night after the Lebua and we went back to Cabbages and Condoms, the restaurant committed to making condoms as easy to get hold of as vegetables for rural Thai people. Bert also got a couple of shirts made as tailoring is so cheap and we found some nice fabrics.

After only one night in Bangkok, we flew to Sydney. Australia is a strange place. Everyone can speak English almost fluently and you can drink the tap water. I met a guy on an aeroplane years ago who told me that Sydney was like London except the people are friendly and the weather is good. Well, the people are certainly friendly but the weather’s been all over the place. Thunder storms have been making the news, houses have been destroyed etc. I’m informed this isn’t the norm. There are beaches littered around too. I can see why Brits like it.

We’re mastering the subway system (well, Tania is) and we hung out in the Opera Bar under the Opera House on our first night. Well posh. It’s strange staying in King’s Cross and visiting Hyde Park and having the Queen’s head on our coins again. We met up with Renae, a lovely girl Tania met when she was in South America and she took us to the Summit Bar (piccy attached) and we revolved slowly whilst looking out of the city. Beautiful. We have eaten Brazilian BBQ, lasagne, fish and chips and Burritos which has been quite a culture shock after endless noodle soup, spring rolls and fish curries. The Tiger Beer Tiger photo is in Sydney – I bet Tiger Beer are pleased it’s the Chinese New Year of the Tiger.



  1. I note B&T, you leave out the bit about Bert getting us all horrendously drunk on his new and quite disgusting concoction, TVR. For those not in the know, TVR is Tequila, Vodka, Red Bull. Nasty. Til next time kids …
    PS. You do get points for calling me lovely though x

    • Thanks for the extra information Renae. Actually, TVR wasn’t my invention and I heard about it from my friend Yash. So it’s his fault. Yes, er… sorry about that. It wasn’t nice. I also left out the bit about you stabbing me in the eyes and punching me in the stomach…. 😉

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