Posted by: Bert and Tania | February 3, 2010

Luang Prabang and the Bee Wine

We are now in Luang Prabang in Laos. Our bus got in at 6am after 35hrs travelling from Halong Bay with very little sleep. Bert was in a bit of a daze and somehow ended up feeding sticky rice with his hands to 400 mobile monks on the pavement, kneeling on a mat before we checked in to our guesthouse.

Luang Prabang is absolutely lovely. The weather has been great and the streets are beautiful, the people friendly and helpful and fun, everything cheap and there’s a relaxed vibe to the whole place. We’re spending a few days here before heading back to Bangkok.

We bumped into Eric the Canadian the first night we were there and arranged to go on a bicycle ride which turned out to bee a bit more of an adventure than we’d anticipated. Cycling through the countryside we saw some beautiful (and expensive) houses, villages and fantastic scenery – Luang Prabang is on a peninsular formed where the Nam Khan and Mekong rivers meet and is surrounded by mountains. We decided to ‘go local’ for lunch and stopped at a roadside cafe. A group of four locals were finishing lunch, had red faces and were extremely happy. They immediately offered us some wine which apparently was only drunk by men (although they also offered it to Tania). The bottle was completely full of bees which apparently were of the type that live underground. We had two glasses each straight away and ordered some buffalo, clotted blood and stir-fried guts for lunch. The locals said it tasted much better with beer, so we got some beers too. Then they gave us another glass of bee wine and left to go back to work. After all this and after cycling for the morning in the sun, we decided that we might as well finish off the bee wine that they’d left behind on the table. Eric had lived in Korea and eaten pretty much everything and for some reason we decided we’d try the bees too which Eric fished out of the bottle with chopsticks. We have footage of our bee tasting which you can download right here:


Today (Weds 3rd) has been a bit of a write-off. Thank goodness our TaeKwon Do class that we booked yesterday afternoon was cancelled due to the instructor having broken his finger.



  1. Luang Prabang looks like something out of a movie. A nice movie, perhaps with some martial arts thrown in for good measure.

    I’ve added it to my list of places to go…!

  2. btw – EATING GAMES….YES!!!!!

    i love Bert’s nervous face just beforehand! Reminds me of the the infamous ‘wasabi night’! hahahahahahahahaha

    • If you watch the videos closely you’ll notice that Bert doesn’t actually eat any of his bee… just sort of bites it a bit. Had I known this before my turn I might not have properly swallowed mine… eurgh…

  3. Rob, you have been seriously upstaged by your wife! You just sucked the bee whereas Tania actually bit the thing!!

    You will have to make it up with a grasshopper from one of those moveable stalls when you are back in Thailand!

    Glad your both still well and enjoying yourselves. Take care and keep safe xxx

  4. Tania in accepting bet to eat something weird shocker!


  5. Love the flowers – not so sure about the bees!

    • hello thanks for your comment but which anne are you?

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