Posted by: Bert and Tania | January 20, 2010

Mango Bay

Megamooning is tough. All this travelling about really takes it out of you, so we thought we would take a ‘break’ from the hectic world of backpacking by heading to the island of Phu Quoc (in South Vietnam) and booking into the Mango Bay resort for 5 nights. Ace.

We arrived at Mango Bay just in time for their sunset happy hour, an event that pretty much ruled the subsequent 5 days. NOT for the cocktails of course, but for the sunsets which were phenomenal.

As was the marine life which we took a boat trip to see. We snorkelled for hours looking at all the fish, coral, spikey things, wobbly looking things, jellyfish (eek) and octopus. In fact we snorkelled for a little too long in that our backs got a little over cooked from the sun (oops). Nevermind the lunch onboard the boat more than made up for that, mmm.

Neither of us are particularly beach loving people… we’re a tad too pale and incapable of lying on a sunbed for very long. But we loved it here. The resort was beautiful and put considerable effort into using natural, local materials and food. It recycled as much as possible, maintained and managed the surrounding local forest and grew alot of its fruit and veg. We had a great time and even learnt alot (about different types of fish and cocktails, although we didnt mix the two).

Anyone in need of a beach holiday? Or thinking of going to Vietnam? We’d highly recommend Mango Bay… and Phu Quoc Island.


  1. Beautiful, charming & romantic

    Not the images of Vietnam or outside lavatories that are stored in my brain I have to say

  2. Aaaaah! It looks so lovely and relaxing! I want some….:(

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