Posted by: Bert and Tania | January 10, 2010


We couldn’t visit Tokyo without a night in a capsule hotel (Thanks to Alexa and Maur for the recommendation and treat). So we headed to Asakusa, which is on the river in Tokyo, so that we could experiences sleeping in a small hole on a shelf! The concept actually makes alot of sense and the capsules were quite cosy, although the pyjamas provided weren’t exactly this seasons finest fashion wear. Fab view from the top of the hotel too (where if you’re sat in the right place at night and someone leaves the mens bathroom door open you get another good view in the windows reflection!!!) Features to note are the Asahi beer tower (looks like a techno faceted pint of beer, sort of) and Starck’s golden turd, um we mean flame. The surrounding area had lots to see and do; temples, plastic food shops, restaurants serving food and drink across a bar on giant rice paddle things…


  1. Are they shops that sell plastic food or plastic shops that sell food?

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