Posted by: Bert and Tania | January 10, 2010

Bangkok Luxury

On 7th Jan we arrived in Bangkok and hot-tailed it through torrential rain to the Lebua hotel in State Tower where Yash and Anagha had very kindly booked us in for a night. We had no idea what we were about to experience.

Yash and Anagha – please find a thank you message below:

It’s the most amazing hotel either of us had ever stayed in. We were in a suite bigger than our flat in London on 52nd floor with entrance hall, dressing room, kitchen with washing machine, two bathrooms, lounge, office area, dining area where we had incredible thai room service meal and two balconies looking out over Bangkok (we could see for miles). We didn’t leave the hotel until we had to check out (which we extended by an hour so Bert could practice his breaststroke in the roof top pool).

P.S. Sorry to disappoint my sumo fans but Jiro-chan my previous Sumo defeator from 2004 did not rise to the challenge in the end and therefore remains undefeated in the beach sumo contest. Next time I will succeed.



  1. Wow – i haven’t checked the blog for a wee while(sorry!) and have just been catching up. it alll looks AMAZING.

    I’m going to use the words:

    Good work BB’s!

    • The bangkok hotel looks incredible, as does the japanese snowboarding (shame no blue 70s james bond suit this time). I didn’t realise the northen line went that far – you must be at least in zone 20 by now.

      Hackford Road has nearly got another new pavement, but apart from that you’re not missing much.

  2. You are missing the Hackford Road Board Game Club and my new piano and snow….and…us!

    But your luxury Bangkok hotel looks kinda nice too, I guess.


  3. Wow! I am currently catching up on the blog for the first time since New Year and your Bangkok luxury looks VERY different from my Bangkok appartment from six years ago.

    I was talking to Granny on Wednesday and I can’t believe that my orphans will now be 7 and 8 years old. Bless them. I hope they are OK. If you go anywhere near Phaythai then send them my love. She was really pleased with your call the other day.

    Glad you are both well and are making the most of your time.

    Lots of love

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