Posted by: Bert and Tania | January 8, 2010

Snowboarding in Naeba (Japan)

On 3rd Jan Ian took us snowboarding in Naeba and we had even more snow than you guys in the UK (perhaps). Anyhows, it was white and plentiful and nice and soft for falling into, oh and very very POWDERY. Ian managed to resist the urge to head off into the powder so that he could teach us the basics… as neither of us had snowboarded before. Before too long Bert and T were heading down green runs in short spurts of standing up – going downhill a bit – maybe trying to turn – falling over (repeat). After a few hours there was lots of swooshing and linked turns and high speed downhill and some jumps and phat air… going on around us that is! Ha. Tania had some rather impressive bruises to show her efforts and Bert managed to make his way down from the 2000m summit in one piece… phew! We didnt have cameras with us as they would almost certainly have been smashed but luckily Ian took a couple on his, here you go:

P.S. Thanks for loaning us some gear Ian!
P.P.S. The amount of snow on my hat tells a story too!!! T xx


  1. Seems like your snowboarding success matches ours where we spent most of the time on our bottoms. Did you manage the lifts? We kept falling off the button ones.

    • luckily they didnt have button lifts, just seat ones that you kept your board on one foot then had to balance on the board when you got off cos there was always a downhill slope that you had to slide down… we fell over alot!

  2. Where are the pictures of you guys boarding?!!

    • we didnt take a camera with us cos would have been smashed to smithereens (hmm how dyou spell that!?) so you’ll just have to imagine us swooshing our way downhill gracefully yet at high speed… NOT!

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