Posted by: Bert and Tania | January 8, 2010

Himeji, Fukuoka and Aso San

Right, we’ve got a bit behind with this blog but here’s what we’ve been up to in Japan. On 22nd Dec we got the Shinkansen (bullet train) out of Tokyo to go and see the James Bond Ninja Castle at Himeji. It was originally built in 1333(ish) and was amazing – also wandered through the beautiful Japanese gardens with enormous fish.

Then we headed to Fukuoka on the Southern island of Kyushu which we both loved – if you go, we recommend Tonkotsu noodles from a Yatai ‘street kitchen’, a tiny restaurant on the pavement with tarpaulin (see photos from previous blog). We stayed in a ‘Ryokan’ traditional Japanese inn with its beautiful tatami mat rooms and ‘onsen’ shared bathrooms (Tania was relieved there was also a private shower).

On 23rd Dec we made the 5hr journey to ‘Aso-san’, the world’s largest volcanic crater. There’s a picture of what we could see from the top attached. Maybe we should have checked the weather forecast. Hey ho, we’ll go back one day.


  1. Enormouse fish wander though theHimeji gardens? amazing!

  2. I expect Tania was embarrassed in case people saw her doing an Egyptian dance in a Japanese robe.

  3. Picture no 9 looks like UK except its grey instead of white

  4. Enormous fish were wandering trough the Himeji gardens, wow, that s amazing

  5. I wanna go to Japan! Awesome photos…weirdly, i really like the car park one 🙂

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