Posted by: Bert and Tania | December 28, 2009

Japan Toilet Technology Update

When I was last in Japan in 2004, I sent some of you a photo of the toilet in the Oribe Design Centre in Gifu. I’d like to take this opportunity to update you all with how toilet technology has moved on in Japan in the last five years.

2004 technology included:
-Toilet control computer (side arm mounted)
-Automated integral bidet function
-Additional incomprehensible function (I didn’t dare press the button)
-Heated toilet seat

2009 new additions:
-Motorised lid lift
-Proximity sensor for lid lift as well as flush
-In-bowl blue lighting
-Distinction between male and female bidet actions
-Wall mounted control computer (note helpful additions in English)
-Disinfected toilet lid cleaning tissue dispensers

Please view lid lift action and in-bowl lighting by pasting this movie link into your browser:


  1. Why did you not start an import section to Sprout design. i can see this as a big hit starting with Elton John & spreading nationwide… 2010 Christmas presi for Aunti Ali

    By the way my mum has “father Christmas” loo paper, so there, maah!

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