Posted by: Bert and Tania | December 16, 2009

A message from Delhi airport

I can’t believe we’ve been away a month already, eek! We’ve picked up the travelling pace a bit since our last blog entry… heres what we’ve been up to:

Bodhnath is an enormous buddhist stupa in the East of Kathmandu. It was a calm and peaceful place to wander around in a clockwise direction, always clockwise. Bodhnath is the centre for the exiled Tibetan community in Kathmandu and its easy to spend hours just watching and walking amongst everyone spinning the prayer wheels. 

On 13th Dec t’was time to make our way back to Delhi overland, well over 1000km. First stop was Sonauli on the Nepal-India border, a mere 9 hour bus ride. From the border another full-to-the-brim 3 hour bus ride to Gorakhpur in India before catching the overnight sleeper train to Varanasi. A pretty long day but you get to see alot more of a country travelling through it. 

We had the best part of 2 days in Varanasi, a holy town on the river Ganges. Its quite simply an experience. Highlights (although it sounds strange calling them that) were taking boat trips onto the ‘Mother Ganga’ at both sunrise and sunset and taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the city… the 24hour funeral pyres at Manikarnika Ghat, the elaborate and colourful evening river ceremony at Dhashashwamedh Ghat. The river was a haven away from the hectic streets where the car horn is king although there werent that many cars. Rickshaws, bicycles and Tuk-tuks all fitted with super loud horns are the best way to get around the narrow streets and sleeping cows! We visited a silk shop, numerous temples and Sarnath, the place where Buddha gave his first speech after being enlightened. Oh and we ate some dal, mmm (although it wasnt anywhere as good as Shilpee’s or Anita’s or Anagha’s or Raj’s Mum’s or…) before taking a tuk-tuk race to another temple (it was a draw as T was fastest but Bert got a better price). Things we werent expecting in Varanasi; monkeys trying to get through the broken hotel window (the mosquitos succeeded where the monkeys failed) and being chased by a tiny little girl wielding a big stick (much to everyones amusement).   

And then another overnight train* from Varanasi to New Delhi. And here we are sat in the airport waiting for our flight to Tokyo.

*Note for anyone planning on taking an indian train: first class is at the back not the front. Sounds trivial but with over 30 packed carriages getting this wrong can have quite sweaty consequences!  

Here are some pics as promised:

And a couple of videos for you to download too if you’re interested to see the River Ceremony at Varanasi or part of our tuk-tuk ride to Sarnath… they aren’t brilliant but give you a better idea of the places we’re describing… maybe!

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