Posted by: Bert and Tania | December 6, 2009

12 days without…

– Having a shower
– Listening to music
– Having access to a telephone
– Having access to a computer
– Shaving
– Alcohol
– Heating
– Seeing a car
– Seeing a road or tarmac
– Mobile phone reception
– Choosing to drink canned or bottled drinks
– Fossil fuels
– Bert eating dairy products

Trekking for 12 days in the Sagamartha (Everest) National Park, from Lukla to Gokyo, we may have gone without alot of things that we’re used to but it was more than worth it. Leaving the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu far behind we walked the valleys beneath the world’s tallest mountains and it was amazing, the scenery stunning and the remoteness liberating. It took us 9 dusty, uphill, dal bhat (lentils and rice) fuelled days to reach the 5360m peak of our trek, Gokyo Ri. Check out our video message (see our previous but one post for the download link). Its difficult to describe in words, so best let some pictures do the talking (they will also explain why Tania’s new nickname for Bert is “Carrot”)…


  1. Bert & Tania, loved the video (& the pix) sorry I wasn’t at my computer at 1am when you skyped 😉

    12 days without showering eh? Sounds like my student days in Swansea… though 12 days sans booze doesn’t… Keep up the fine documentin’

  2. Bert’s got a beard! Hahahahahhahahahahhahaha. Miss you everytime I come home to ‘ackford. Giraffe says “hi”, he’s good. Picture is still waiting to go up on the wall…

    Keep on having fun x x x

  3. Looks absolutely incredible BB’s! Post more pics soon… i like to make myself sick with jealousy. 🙂

    Take care carrot and beanstalk.


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