Posted by: Bert and Tania | November 20, 2009


Hello from a chilly internet cafe up some dark stairs at the back of a food shop which is next to another shop selling cheap knock-off trekking gear! Arrived in Kathmandu earlier today after a fairly relaxed start to travellating. Bert has just had a tangba which is a hot beer drunk through a straw because its full of little beany things… tastes a bit like mulled cider, mmm. Same method as mate in Argentina only it tastes better.

We arrived in Delhi safe and sound if a little bit tired on Thursday morning and by the evening we’d had our nipples tweaked by pesky teenagers as our auto rickshaw made its way slowly through the bustling streets. Nice! Luckily we got over the ordeal with an amazing meal, mmm…

Speaking of food, thats exactly whats on the agenda now so toodle pip! Planning to start our 12 day trek to Gokyo in the Everest Region on monday so looking forward to that… cant wait to the mountains up close…


  1. Am sending body armour & tanba purifier by express post.

    I am off to Dorset tomorrow, by bus, to 80th party/ reunion

  2. Kathmando already?! Blimey, thought you were taking it slow and going by train.

    With nipples the size of berts who can blame the locals for tweaking, must’ve been hard for them to avoid.

    Hackford Road isn’t the same without you (and where did you leave our car?)

  3. I can only approve of arriving in Kathmandu and finding the nearest local approximation of zider. This bodes very well.

    Love the pic of you two in the header btw. Happy travels, I’m subscribin’ now

  4. ORF is the same without you. ORG, however, will never be the same.

    Thanks for leaving your Blockbuster card and Nationwide internet banking security machine…very thoughtful of you. xxx

  5. Hello BBs,
    tangba sounds yummy! Can you recreate for us one day?
    We are on the PARTY bus headed to a secret location. We had 11s on the bus consisting of thermos coffee. We thought of you.
    Anyway, enjoy the trek. Be safe and stay away from teenagers!!

  6. hello wherever you are – i am now here back in europe and really spaced out by the lack of noise here, no dogs, no discos and no khakied out trekkies! hope you found your starting point easily and the eating kit has come into use. think of us when you return to chikusa in kathmandu where no doubt you will continue to have breakfast after your 12 day stint away from fresh coffee and pancakes.

  7. Oh T! We left you a lovely message from the party bus on Saturday but it didn’t work…and now I can’t remember what we wrote… the upshot was we miss you both and we wished you could have enjoyed the shooting and party bussing with us.

    Be safe and stay away from teenagers!!

  8. How were the mountains?!? Telltelltell!!!!!

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